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Welding is an important part of the stainless steel fabrication

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Posted on: 07/09/18

Stainless steel Brisbane has very useful properties and is an ideal material for fabrication. It has a number of applications in the fabrications industries. The main advantages it has over other materials include high resistance to corrosion and rust, durability and strength. Stainless steel fabrication, a process of bending and shaping steel requires the right choice of techniques and use of appropriate tools and equipment in order to ensure accuracy and precision to suit the needs of a particular project. There are many companies that provide the services of stainless steel fabrication. Steel fabricators purchase steel and fabricate it according to the structural requirements of the project. MIG TORCH Manufacturers Collaboration of engineers, architects and steel manufacturers is required to bring out the best in fabrication. The complete process of stainless steel fabrication consists of cutting, forming by hydraulic brake pressures, machining, welding and assembling it in the desired shape and specification.

Steel fabricators need to carry out each step with high precision and accuracy and carefully inspect the finished product before shipping out. Human expertise as well as the use of right tools and machines is required for high quality stainless steel fabrication. There are thousands of applications for stainless steel fabrication in various industries. Stainless steel has high resistance to corrosion and, therefore, it is ideally used in pipes to carry water and high pressure gases. It is also used for motor vehicle trimmings in the automotive industry. Stainless steel has anti-rust and antibacterial properties. This is why it is also used in industries for storing sugar and grain etc in stainless steel tanks and silos.

Welding is an important part of the stainless steel fabrication process. The degree of efficiency of weld depends on the grade. Austenitic grades of stainless steel are well-suited for welding purposes. Duplex and Ferritic stainless steel can also be used for certain welding projects. There is improved ductility, strength and corrosion resistance in these. Martensitic, though good for welding, is more prone to cracking. The risk of fractures can be reduced by using supplementary austenitic filler rods or applying pre-heat and post-heat to the material. The arc welding technique is most commonly used for stainless steel fabrication. This technique pays special attention to the class and condition of steel and influences the process in areas of sensitization or deformations. Steel fabrication is a complex procedure and has to be done with precision so that the desired outcome is achieved for the particular project.


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